Front Line: Human rights defender Tian Xi released after completing a one-year prison sentence

Front Line welcomes the release of human rights defender and AIDS activist Mr Tian Xi, on 18 August 2011, from the Shangcai County Detention Centre. Tian Xi was sentenced to a year in prison on 11 February 2011, which was backdated to when he was first detained by police in August 2010, for ‘intentional destruction of property’. It is understood that there are no conditions attached to his release.

Further Information
Tian Xi is an HIV/AIDS activist who contracted the virus, along with Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C, through a contaminated blood transfusion he received at the People’s No. 1 Hospital in Xincai, in 1996, when he was nine years old. Over the past number of years he has campaigned extensively on behalf of individuals infected with HIV through contaminated blood from State-sponsored blood sales and hospital transfusions in the 1990s.

For further information on this case, please see original Front Line Urgent Appeal available Here